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Youth Work in Devon, Small Grant Fund

  • Published on Jun 2, 2017

    The Small Grants Fund is administered on behalf of Devon County Council by space*, under the banner of ‘Youth Work In Devon’, a partnership with VOYC: as such all groups must be registered with VOYC and meet the following criteria to qualify.

    In order to be eligible, the majority of the young people who use your project/group must be aged between 11 and 19 and your practice must have a strong emphasis on the pillars of youth work -
    Inclusivity, designed in partnership with young people’s voice and the encouragement of leadership.

    It is preferable that the applications have a high level of young people’s involvement, however they recognise that this is a challenge for groups starting up.

    Grant limits
    The grants must be used for facilities, activities, events or campaigns that help young people reach the outcomes that link to our objectives, which are:

    Connected – Young people feel more connected to their families, communities & peers

    Resilient – Young people develop their ability to cope with life’s challenges and know howto access support

    Safe – Young people are protected from harm and feel safe

    Healthy – Young people‘s mental, emotional, sexual & physical health and well being is improved

    Prosperous – Young people have greater self-worth & develop higher aspirations for their future

    Engaged – Young people have more awareness and understanding of the world and can instigate change

    Successful applications will show how they meet these outcomes

    They can fund:

    Up to £5000 per organisation, per financial year.

    Up to 100% of Youth Worker Salaries and on-costs (Youth Workers must be employed on JNC terms and conditions of service)

    Up to 75% of youth worker salaries if not on JNC terms and conditions

    Up to 50% of total running costs

    Up to 50% of total furniture or equipment costs

    Up to £1,000 one-off start up grant

    Grants must be spent within 12 months of the award date.

    They cannot fund:

    Sporting organisations and M.O.D. groups such as football clubs, athletics clubs, Army Cadets and Air Training Corps, while their work is valuable to young people it is recognised that such organisations can usually attract external funding to a higher level than say a village run voluntary youth club.

    Groups whose predominant focus is the promotion or furtherance of a particular political or religious cause, which could exclude some young people, are unlikely to receive direct funding. They may well receive advice, guidance and other support.

    Individual Grants
    Young People aged between 11 -19 who live in Devon may be considered for an individual grant to enable them to reach their full potential, or make an impact in their community. The maximum funding of this grant stream is £200 per individual per year.

    How they decide:

    A group of Young People, The 9 th Hub, who represent youth clubs from all over Devon meet 3 times a year. When they meet they discuss and score the following factors:

    Presentation, effort put in & level of young people’s involvement

    Quality of youth provision (evidence of training, safeguarding & H&S documents)

    What the benefit is, what is the impact going to be, is it inclusive to all young people?

    Will the project survive without the money? You will be asked to provide a copy of your latest accounts

    It is the best value for money?

    Providing feedback:

    If you are successful, you must:

    Provide evidence that shows how the grant has been spent

    6-9 months later, provide a report on the impact that the grant has had. Young People who have benefited from the grant need to have an input into the report where possible – this can be as creative as possible, you may also receive a visit from our funding panel.

    At the end of the financial year provide a final & accurate breakdown of the young people who have benefited from the grant including ages, gender and any other relevant information via a survey we will email out.

    Deadlines for applications

    Friday 23rd June 2017 – 1st Round

    Friday 11th August 2017- 2nd Round

    Friday 24th November 2017 – 3rd Round

    The funds will be allocated in 3 equal rounds and decisions will be made within 6 weeks of the above deadlines:


    Application form VOYC Individual Group Organisation Member v2

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