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Torrington 100 Planning for the Future: Funding and Fundraising RFP

  • Published on Feb 28, 2020
    This Request for Proposal (RFP) is made to help further the development and funding of Torrington 100 after the current budget period (which ends on 30th June 2020). Funding is indicated by One Northern Devon to cover the
    9 months to the end of the 2020-21 financial year, though this is not yet guaranteed. In order to continue its work – and expand its scope strategically into new areas – it will need to raise funds from a number of additional sources.
    Request for Proposal
    The requirement is to conduct a short consulting assignment in April-May to:
    - Understand the scope of Torrington 100’s future plans and strategy
    - Identify potential sources of funding for:
    o Arts and culture related activities (the core of the initial work)
    o Community development and engagement activities
    o Environment and place, both urban and rural
    o Economy, Education and Skills
    - Prioritise (jointly with the Chair and Steering Committee) those sources to be approached
    - Make the approaches for initial engagement
    - Make formal funding bids to those where Torrington 100 fits the criteria
    - Make regular reports of progress to the Chair and Steering Committee
    There will be outputs produced as the assignment progresses:
    - Initial scope and plan
    - Regular progress reports of sources identified and approached
    - Outcomes of funding applications
    Project Parameters:
    Timescale – up to 10 days over 2 months elapsed (April-May 2020)
    Reports to – the Chair of the Torrington 100 Steering Committee
    Financial administration of the contract will be undertaken by TTVS
    Decision and planning – second half of March
    Expected Approach
    Torrington 100 believes that in the time available a mostly desk-based approach would be appropriate:
    - Telephone meetings with current partners of Torrington 100 (for example Devon CC, Torridge DC, Torrington TC and other local organisations such as the Plough, TTVS, Care Forum)
    - Utilising existing contacts and sources
    - Introductory telephone meetings with potential sources of funding
    Please make your applications (including relevant experience and proposed fee rates) by Friday 13th March 2020 to Ed Holt at eholt.exmoor@btopenworld.com – email enquiries about the project can be made in advance of a bid submission.
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