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Velocity Devon


We are thrilled to announce an exciting new opportunity for all voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations in Devon, offering fully funded training, support and investment over the next six months. This is your chance to digitally transform your organisation, with skills training, digital strategy guidance and the potential for direct investment into new hardware, software and processes.  

The aim is to enable organisations & groups to increase their capacity, build resilience, to be better connected, more sustainable and ready to take on future challenges.  Velocity is a project being run in partnership with Cosmic – leading digital specialists – through funding from the Government’s Community Renewal Fund.

We want to invite you to take part in this programme, whether you are a charity, social enterprise, CIC, voluntary group or community organisation – you can benefit!  Workshops will be a blend of virtual and face to face depending on Covid restrictions.

Option 1 - Communities in the Digital Age - leadership programme

An amazing opportunity for leaders to attend a series of free workshops that will help you to develop your digital strategy for your organisation.

Learning with a group of like-minded leaders over 5 workshops, you will discover

  • How to build a simple digital strategy to transform your organisation.
  • The digital health of your organisation, and the next digital steps.
  • Ways to develop your people to adopt and navigate digital change.
  • Understand the digital landscape of your community and develop new processes and services.
  • Using digital to reduce your impact on resources and the environment.

The next workshop will be on 16th March 2022.  Each workshop will be 5 hours and will run weekly for 5 weeks. The course is open to leaders and those responsible for strategic development in the organisation. Grants might be available to those that attend the programme for further digital development of your organisation.

Interested in taking part? Please do sign up here

Option 2 - Collaboration in the digital age - working together better

A fantastic opportunity for staff to explore ways to collaborate in the digital age.  Learn how to use digital to tackle the problems of partnership working, developing funding bids, reducing your environmental impact, improving communication, and understanding your beneficiaries and community better.

The programme will provide you with the opportunity to develop a network of digital peers to tackle these issues together, saving resources, money, and time for your organisation.

Learn how to use digital to

  • Improve collaboration within your community.
  • Harness the power of digital to tackle burning social issues.
  • Take part in exciting challenges that test your way of thinking.
  • Build relationships and networks in your community.
  • Demonstrate and communicate your impact for business development.

The first workshop will be on 16th March 2022 and will run for 12 weeks, a combination of learning and challenge days.  Each workshop will take one day and there will be some help with covering costs.  The course is open to any employed staff.  Grants might be available for those that attend the programme for further digital development of your organisation.

Interested in taking part? Please do sign up here

Option 3 - Welcome to the digital age - workshop programme

A series of free workshops that will help you to overcome your digital fears and build your confidence to grow and future proof your organisation. These workshops are available for all staff and volunteers of community groups and organisations, you can attend as many or as few as you'd like.

With unlimited access to the workshop series, you will learn.

  • What makes a good website, and easy ways to build your own presence
  • Ways to market yourself digitally
  • The role of social media in building your community
  • Making the most of digital devices, your smartphone, Microsoft 365 and tablet
  • Easy ways to build content and create engagement

The first workshops are in February and run until the end of May.  They are all bite sized at 2 hours! Anyone can sign up so please do spread the word.

Interested in taking part? Please do sign up here

Our funders:

  • Torridge District Council
  • Lottery Community Fund
  • Northam Town Council
  • Bideford Bridge Trust
  • Bideford TC
  • BBC Children in Need
  • Devon County Council
  • European Union: European Social Fund