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About Us

  • We are a long standing charity based in Bideford, North Devon. We are in touch with over 380 community organisations and have over 470 volunteers registered through our volunteer centre.

    A wide range of funders support our activities. The support we provide to voluntary and community groups is principally funded by Devon County Council and Torridge District Council.

    Our board of Directors has overall responsibility for the development and governance of TTVS. A committed team of staff and volunteers manage our services and day-to-day activities.

    We are a member of NAVCA and National Council for Voluntary Organisations. The Torridge Volunteer Centre is accredited through Volunteering England and the TorrAGE Ageing Well project has Approved Provider status through the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation.

    Our Annual Report is in the Resources section.

    Core Values

    We undertake to carry out its work following the principles of:

    • Professionalism - ensuring that our activities make best use of our resources and with due regard to transparency, accountability, confidentiality and consistency.
    • Equality - holding no affiliation or bias towards any religious or political organisation, TTVS will respect, value and encourage a diverse range of people to use our services and influence their development. At the same time, TTVS will actively challenge any discriminatory views and practices that are encountered in the course of the Agency’s work.
    • Partnership Working - seeking, wherever possible, to link with and complement other local services to maximise the impact of TTVS and make best use of available resources, while encouraging other groups and agencies to work in positive partnerships.
    • Positive Change - promoting and supporting positive change by proactively responding to identified need and working to enable local groups and people to address need within their own communities.
    • Approachability - to act, at all times, with courtesy and consideration for the needs of those people who use or who access our services.


    Torridge District Council

    TTVS is a company limited by guarantee (number 6577677) and a registered charity (number 1125142) with an area of benefit which includes both Torridge and North Devon.

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