I am getting stronger with every walk we take & starting to feel like my old self

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"I was recently introduced to TTVS as someone thought having a befriender to walk with would save me from getting dizzy, and possibly falling in the road when turning my head looking for traffic. I have two falling disorders, greedy me ! I am also shielding as I am extremely vulnerable, and also I am allergic to vaccinations. I do not get to see anyone sociably, my two children do not have cars, so with journeys on buses and trains of up to 9 hours, they get coughed over a lot, making visiting less of a choice, due to my health problems.

Since being introduced to a befriender, I have had someone to walk with, also the very important social contact that everyone else takes for granted. Not only that, but we manage to talk for however many hours our walks take. When we first went out, there was another named storm, we both waited to see who would 'wimp out' first, but I am very pleased to report that we both had the correct gear for the job and haven't looked back. My daughter soon remarked on my good luck having found someone who doesn't quit because of the weather forecast, that's all down to Lara at TTVS.

 Walking has always been a great joy for me, and getting on so well with my very accommodating new friend, at first he had to walk slowly while I picked up speed, I had been housebound for a year, now jokes that I will leave him behind, not that I would be so rude. I know exactly where I would be without him, wistfully gazing out of the window, hoping for a small miracle. I am getting stronger with every walk we take, starting to feel like my old self, I used to walk 4-7 hours everyday. With the walks and a cycling device [Cubii] if you have ever heard of it, my fitness and breathing have greatly improved. It's all been great fun, we laugh lots, and he was even kind enough to ask for someone else to fill in while he was away for a couple of weeks."

-  Carol (Connecting with Your Community) 

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